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miss teen wordpower
24 August 2009 @ 06:29 pm
First day of school SENIOR YEAR. Not sure how I feel about that. Egad.

Anatomy is fine: I have it with Sarah and Ellyn and basically it should be a pretty awesome class, even though we did take notes on the first day. Alas. Second hour is AUT: yawn. Third was creative cuisine, which I knew was a joke, but seriously? We made COLLAGES. We cut pictures out of magazines and pasted them to bits of paper to make a journal cover. (Plus, since there's another Kelsey in the class, I had to spell out my full name in cut out letters and that seriously took fucking forever. Goddammit, world, stop naming your children Kelsey.)

LIT IS AWESOME. Mostly, McDonough is awesome, which I knew. She is absolutely freaking cahrazy, but I think she's probably one of my favourite people EVER. She just bounces around and yells everyone's names and laughed hysterically and kept saying, "OH! This class is like a London reunion! I can't wait to reminisce!"

Tomorrow will be my hard day (AP Euro, AP Psych, AP Stat, Spanish 4), but I'm excited. I love Mr. Priest and his accidental hilarity and words that no one has ever heard of before. Huzzah!

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miss teen wordpower
22 August 2009 @ 07:39 pm
Between Jims McAsturge, the perfect man Jim Sturgess and Eddie Redmayne, I can hardly keep my wits about me. It's like they are in a never-ending adorable contest and they are both winning.

School starts on Monday. Oy vey. On the brightish side, I "narrowed" my list of schools I'm applying to down to 9 (even if I there is no chance I'll get into 2+ of them). I was aiming for 8 tops, but my mom thinks I should leave it as it is.

FLIST, I NEED COLLEGE RELATED HELP. How many schools did you apply to/are you applying to? How many did you get into? How many did you visit? Is it necessary to visit all of them? Is nine a ridiculously stupid number of schools to apply to? Haaaaaaaalp.

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miss teen wordpower
Took my senior pictures today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was so nervous before. Literally hyperventilating. Which is pathetic, they're just pictures, but whatever.

Got a bunch of new clothes for school. I never buy clothes and now, suddenly, I own like 6 pairs of jeans and tops that I actually like. I was very unprepared.

Finally got my permit renewed. So, now all I have to do is a) drive and b) not panic. Easier said than done.

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miss teen wordpower
18 August 2009 @ 01:22 pm
Hallo flist, it's been so long. Actually, less than a week. I have been neglecting you, tragically. The fundraiser was actually really great. My goal was 50 people and $300 -- we ended up with an audience of about 45 and $341 in donations (without mine and Adrian's). So, yeah, we rock.


I have some new friends, so if you're at all interested in reading my tl;dr post about myself, let me direct you hurr.

Also, I've been watching a lot of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain and I have decided that I love that crazy fucker, eating brains and bits of hearts, even if he is, occasionally, an absolute prick. Plus, I'm so jealous. He goes everywhere and I go nowhere. Alas. Again, my life is tragic.

I almost missed luff of my life Jim Sturgess on Alexa Chung today because of the stupid RBRO meeting. Kelsey had to drive about 80 to get to my house in time and then almost ran me over because when I running around, blinded by love, I was standing behind her car. However, I LIVED TO SEE JIM STURGESS and tell the tale, etc. YES.

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miss teen wordpower
Sooooooo, my screening is tomorrow and the panic hasn't set in yet. I'm just really, really excited. Woke up at the crack of a quarter to six and scurried off to KFRU for our intense radio interview with Emily and Fiona. Despite the fact that we got locked out of the building and didn't actually get inside until after our interview was supposed to begin, it went really well. While I was discussing the idea of pimp culture, I realize that there's no possible way to say the word "pimping" without sounding like an absolute ass. When I got in the car, the first thing my mom said was, "PIMPIIIIING."

I spent a while texting almost everyone in my phone about the screening. And got about 4 replies. THANKS, EVERYONE I KNOW. WAY TO SUCK.

ETA: And here comes the stress.  Basically, none of my actual friends are going. Kelsey doesn't think she can go because of some senior mentor training thing, Carlyn's going to be in Chicago, Ellen's going to be in St. Louis, and Sarah (who is actually going) is mad at me. I was supposed to hang out with her on Friday and then go to her friend Allison's pre-opening party at her new job or something, but since my dad is flying in Friday morning, I can't.

I mean, it's not like I'm ditching her, am I? She was one of the people I texted this morning about the fundraiser she just sent back, "when I say I'll go to something, I go," which I think is a bit uncalled for. Yeah, I'm a horrible person. I apologized like 3 times. JFC I CAN'T HELP IT.
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miss teen wordpower
11 August 2009 @ 02:07 pm
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miss teen wordpower
09 August 2009 @ 02:02 pm
So, I was hoping these weird dreams would stop, but they just keep getting stranger. Last night I dreamt that there was 4 book "epilogue" series to Harry Potter, which was all well and good until Harry killed himself at the end of the last one. So disturbing. I woke up crying at like 5 am because that's just so wrong. Wtf, subconscious?

The one after that was about going to see the movie version of that book and there were all kinds of random bits about broken elevators and rolling down hills and Beyonce, but the part I remember vividly was the end because I couldn't stop eating these oreos. Okay, I really like oreos, but someone had spilled cake batter or something on these and they tasted really awful and floury and I just kept eating them. When I woke up, I felt sick to my stomach and I was really afraid that I'd eaten something in my sleep.

I have weird food issues anyway, but dreaming about cookies is just bad. Baaaaad.

ETA: My dad called me earlier. First of all, I couldn't even hear him on his stupid on star/car phone/wtfever, and then he asked me if there were any other colleges I wanted to visit. I said I didn't know and he got really mad and kept saying, "You know, this isn't just something you can procrastinate -- you have to apply to colleges this year!" Really, dad? Do I apply to colleges this year? Wow, thanks, I completely forgot for that two seconds I wasn't panicking.

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miss teen wordpower
This is why texting is one of my favourite inventions. Ever:

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miss teen wordpower
My last post deleted itself somehow ... ?

But anyway,  I'm rereading Shoebox again and I can't believe that I forgot exactly how genuinely, heart-warmingly, face-punchingly, butterflies-in-your-stomachly lovely it is. Just makes me so happy. And makes me wish I was a better writer, alas.

Also, this was an excuse to use my new AVPM icon and ogle Darren/Harry, who is very cute and he could give me a wreath any time. Hahahah.

Lastly, LJ, LET MY NOTIFICATIONS GOOOOO. Please. *tear* I miss them. I am lost without them.

Tell me, dear flist, what do you think of my hair?

                          TELL ME THE TRUUUUTHCollapse )

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miss teen wordpower
07 August 2009 @ 03:42 pm
RIP John Hughes. In honor of the master of the teen movie, what is your favorite teen flick?
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