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09 August 2009 @ 02:02 pm
strung together like christmas lights  
So, I was hoping these weird dreams would stop, but they just keep getting stranger. Last night I dreamt that there was 4 book "epilogue" series to Harry Potter, which was all well and good until Harry killed himself at the end of the last one. So disturbing. I woke up crying at like 5 am because that's just so wrong. Wtf, subconscious?

The one after that was about going to see the movie version of that book and there were all kinds of random bits about broken elevators and rolling down hills and Beyonce, but the part I remember vividly was the end because I couldn't stop eating these oreos. Okay, I really like oreos, but someone had spilled cake batter or something on these and they tasted really awful and floury and I just kept eating them. When I woke up, I felt sick to my stomach and I was really afraid that I'd eaten something in my sleep.

I have weird food issues anyway, but dreaming about cookies is just bad. Baaaaad.

ETA: My dad called me earlier. First of all, I couldn't even hear him on his stupid on star/car phone/wtfever, and then he asked me if there were any other colleges I wanted to visit. I said I didn't know and he got really mad and kept saying, "You know, this isn't just something you can procrastinate -- you have to apply to colleges this year!" Really, dad? Do I apply to colleges this year? Wow, thanks, I completely forgot for that two seconds I wasn't panicking.

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